RESUME variable error during system updates

Assuming you had or have been using Linux VPS from second or third-tier vendors, you would have come across the following error message at some point: W: initramfs-tools configuration sets RESUME=/dev/sda2 W: but no matching swap device is available. I: The initramfs will attempt to resume from /dev/vda2 I: (UUID=03bd7930-a963-4fa7-9db2-8c30eca1ea58) I: Set the RESUME variable… Continue reading RESUME variable error during system updates

Installing the latest version of Aria2 in Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

Aria2 is a headless (command-line based) multi-protocol downloader. It supports the downloading of HTTP/HTTPS, FTP, SFTP, BitTorrent and Metalink resources. Many frontends exist for Aria2, they are available either as standalone apps, or browser extensions. Technically Aria2 can function by itself, but I don’t consider its command-line functionalities to be usable for most. Thanks to… Continue reading Installing the latest version of Aria2 in Ubuntu 18.04 LTS


本文会探讨一下不使用端口映射的情况下如歌使用共享 IP 主机。

关于独享与共享:有些特定场景是必须独享 IP 的,比如基于 SIP 协议的 VoIP 语音系统或 H.323/T.120 的网络视频会议设备都不能在共享公网 IP 的场景下运作。但其实很多时候你并不需要独享 IP 的主机。

Azure 乞丐版 B1ls 的正确食用姿势 —— 压榨极致性能

最近与几个大佬闲聊之际,发现很多人都在不约而同地吐槽 Azure 的效能。综合的来的意见不外乎是云盘 I/O 过慢(HDD/SDD 一样卡)、主机响应迟钝没反应、运行更新耗时大半天,期间 CPU 效能满载或时处于半宕机状态等等糟心体验,还贵。贵,是毋庸置疑的,毕竟产品品牌定位就是高端货,不可能做到灵车的价格。但我想说的是很多时候产品本身并无问题,只是食用姿势不对。

Adding Swap Space in Linux

Swap in Linux is the equivalent of virtual memory in Windows – a space on a disk that is used when the system runs out of RAM. For some reason unknown, many cloud instances are deployed without any swap.

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Apt update slow? Try this fix

On a cloud instance with a slow disk, running the dreaded apt update && apt upgrade could take an eternity. But what if I tell you it may actually not be a disk IOPS issue?

Enable Hyper-V Integration Services for your Ubuntu guest VMs

For some legacy reasons, my main hypervisor has been Hyper-V running on a Windows Server. And contrary to popular belief, Linux actually supports Secure Boot and UEFI boot pretty well, and so you can create Generation 2 VM that runs Linux OS just fine. However, after installing the OS, you might have noticed that Hyper-V… Continue reading Enable Hyper-V Integration Services for your Ubuntu guest VMs

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A good font for coding

The folks over at JetBrains have provided a free programming font family, dubbed JetBrains Mono. It is open source and is highly optimized for coding, console sessions and configuration file editing views. Personally, I find it to be more legible than Google’s Source Code Pro or Ubuntu Mono. It is now my default monospaced font,… Continue reading A good font for coding