Azure 乞丐版 B1ls 的正确食用姿势 —— 压榨极致性能

最近与几个大佬闲聊之际,发现很多人都在不约而同地吐槽 Azure 的效能。综合的来的意见不外乎是云盘 I/O 过慢(HDD/SDD 一样卡)、主机响应迟钝没反应、运行更新耗时大半天,期间 CPU 效能满载或时处于半宕机状态等等糟心体验,还贵。贵,是毋庸置疑的,毕竟产品品牌定位就是高端货,不可能做到灵车的价格。但我想说的是很多时候产品本身并无问题,只是食用姿势不对。

Removing WALinuxAgent from your Azure instance

Azure’s supplied Linux images come preinstalled with the Azure Linux Agent, a process that manages virtual machine interaction with the Azure Fabric Controller, such as providing the oh-so-useful availability status and the VM name to Azure. It also performs self-updates, by the way.

Greater purpose – the journey leading to this blog

In the course of the past few months, I have deep dived into a cloud journey over a myriad of service providers. From the big boys like Azure, AWS, and GCP, to the more traditional VPS hosting companies and niche cloud players such as Alibaba Cloud and Oracle Cloud. I have been a Windows guy… Continue reading Greater purpose – the journey leading to this blog