Get Caddy 2.0 now with Cloudflare DNS Provider module for automatic TLS

Caddy 2.0 has finally entered GA since about a day ago, after three Release Candidates which I didn’t use. So now is high time to upgrade all our production servers to the latest and greatest version, because those 1.0.4 installation works really well and life is too boring when everything just works, we need to spice things up a little.

For Debian/Ubuntu distros, Caddy 2 now has an official repository at which you can add to APT sources and then install it via apt install caddy. However, unlike the slick curl method in Caddy 1.x, it is no longer possible to include modules on-the-fly upon installation. If you need the popular Cloudflare DNS TLS Provider module to be included in Caddy 2, the only option at this point is to build it from source.

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修改 ServerStatus-V 探针脚本配合 vnStat 2.x 版本使用

网上常见的改版 ServerStatus 探针里采用的流量统计是根据 python 函数 psutil.net_io_counters() 所返回的数值来显示的。所以每次系统重启就会清零,作为检测小鸡每月流量有没有跑超的实用性不大。后来发现了以 vnStat 流量统计为基础的 ServerStatus-V 项目,用比较科学的自然月流量采集方式补足了原来 ServerStatus 的短板,这也是我一直沿用的版本。

最近适逢 Ubuntu 20.04 LTS 问世,我把手头上一大波的 VPS 系统更新,大致顺利。但后来发现探针监控台里越来越多小鸡的流量报告均为 0 | 0。难道是更新后比较节省流量吗?当然是不存在的。强迫症发作下无可奈何只好研究一下代码…


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BuyVM/FranTech Ryzen VPS and Storage Slab review

While AMD has made quite a comeback on the desktop front with each successful iteration of their Ryzen CPUs based on the Zen architecture, things on the server side is not as rosy, as the market is still largely dominated by Intel. For the longest time I have always wanted a Ryzen-based VPS, because I know how awesome they will be. The hunt ended when I came across BuyVM aka Frantech.

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LiteUnit LLC KVM-512 VPS Review

[Update Aug 2020] My VPS has been offline since the end of June and support tickets are no longer answered since.

LiteUnit LLC is a Russia-based hosting company that is currently offering VPS hosted in Novosibirsk, a place where it is often more affectionately known as “New Siberia”. It has nothing to do with the Moscow image featured in this article (in fact, the two cities are more than 3,300km apart), but I figure everybody loves a good cliché at the end of the day.