Get Caddy 2.0 now with Cloudflare DNS Provider module for automatic TLS

Caddy 2.0 has finally entered GA since about a day ago, after three Release Candidates which I didn’t use. So now is high time to upgrade all our production servers to the latest and greatest version, because those 1.0.4 installation works really well and life is too boring when everything just works, we need to spice things up a little.

For Debian/Ubuntu distros, Caddy 2 now has an official repository at which you can add to APT sources and then install it via apt install caddy. However, unlike the slick curl method in Caddy 1.x, it is no longer possible to include modules on-the-fly upon installation. If you need the popular Cloudflare DNS TLS Provider module to be included in Caddy 2, the only option at this point is to build it from source.

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